12 January 2009

Nuevas caracteristicas en Java EE 6.0

Hace unos días se ha publicado en Javabeat un articulo sobre las nuevas características de la la Java EE 6.0, el artículo completo se puede localizar en "New Features in Java EE 6.0"

Tal vez el mayor cambio se produce en:

2.1.Servlets 3.0
One of the major release in the Java EE 6.0 is the new version on Servlet technology which is given more attention by the community. The new version uses annotations to declare the servlets and making the deployment descriptos optional. Apart from using the annotations, as a whole the specification more focued on simplifying the web tier technologies. From Servlets 3.0 it is not required to changed web.xml for adding the third party libraries like Struts, Spring, JSF, etc. Servlets 3.0 introdues Web Fragments descriptor to specify the details of each libraries which is used by the container. This is one of welcome feature to the web developers since most of them finding hard to integrate the frameworks. There is more detailed article on New Features in Servlets 3.0 written by Christy. This article will give you more insight on the features. Please read on.

2.2.Web Beans 1.0
The problem with the Java EE edition is, the presentation layers(Servlets, JSP and JSF) and persistance layers(EJB 3.0, JTA, JCA and JPA) are grown seperatly without much closer interactions. There is no common technology to integrate the both web tier and the persistance tier. Web Beans main goal is to address this issue by defining beans which can be interacted by multiple tiers. Web Beans will be compatiable with technologies in the both tiers. Web Beans is influenced by the popular frameworks Google Guice and JBoss Seam. There is more detailed article on Web Beans and its Features written by Sutha.

2.5.Other Features in Java EE 6.0
The mentioned features are the major changes in the new release. Apart from these major changes, there is lot of small changes in the technology. Look into the list of new JSR's:
JSR-196 Java Authentication SPI for Containers
JSR-236 Timer for Application Servers
JSR-237 Work Manager for Application Servers
JSR-299 Web Beans
JSR-311 JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services In the next section I explain about the another new features Profiles and how to pruning the features in Java EE specifications.

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